The Eco-Shopper

Live your ideals in style! The Eco Shopper is a set of bags that will get you through all of your Saturday errands without the waste of disposable paper and plastic bags.

The two sizes of Shoppers are great substitutes for paper bags at the grocery store. The regular sized Shopper is great for heavier groceries like cans and produce, while the XL Shopper easily accommodates larger boxes and bags. Three sizes of produce bags accommodate most fruits and vegetables, allowing you to skip the chemical-laden and wasteful plastic bags at the store. Sewn with lightweight materials, they don’t add unnecessary weight to the scale, while their elasticized tops help contain the contents.

These bags can be constructed from a variety of materials, allowing you to create a custom set with fabrics you love. Pattern includes directions and pattern pieces to make the Shopper, the XL Shopper (a taller version of the Shopper), the Mini-Shopper (a fold-n-snap bag that can be tucked in your purse for those quick trips to the store when you don’t need a full size bag) and 3 sizes of Veggie-SAC (Save a Chemical!) produce bags.

The Eco-Shopper - Complete Set

The Mini-Shopper in use